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Steps to seek true love

Are you worried about how to find your true love? Don’t forget that there is a special person waiting for you, just one click. Beijing.love is the perfect platform to meet your needs, just follow the simple steps.

Create profile

First, you need to create a profile so that others can discover you. It is important to provide an up-to-date personal description.

Seeking partner

Seeking a date is the second step. Sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect choice. Through sweet conversation, you can find your soulmate.

Start dating

When you are attracted to each other, it's time to learn more about each other. You can agree on a meeting place and time, and then date someone you are interested in.

Find a match

Sometimes the first date may not be successful, but don't be sad or discouraged. The first thing you need to do is search for new matches.

Newlyweds of the month

Learn about this couple, how they met and how they fell in love. Let them decide the motivation to make a vow for each other and stay with them forever.

Franklin Smith

Born in western California. Franklin received a bachelor's degree in computer science from California State University in Los Angeles. Interested in basketball and football. And was elected as a state legislator

Anna White

She was born in a small town called Ashwood in Washington. Go to California for further study. Because of her interest in dancing, she started to join the cheerleading team

how is it works

We use three techniques to find your date. We will explore these technologies below.

Intelligent Algorithm

At Beijing.love, we firmly believe that dating should be exciting. With our fast-changing algorithm, you will get high-quality matches every day.

those who are interested

You can send "love" to people you are interested in. Sending the "love" icon is like saying hello. This is a good way to test whether the other party is interested.

Real dialogue

After you find a suitable date, you should send a message to that person and have a meaningful conversation. It is best to avoid empty talk.

up to date Blog

Learn about this couple, how they met and how they fell in love. Let them decide the motivation to make a vow for each other and stay with them forever.



您是否曾经与某人立即建立联系?就像您单击彼此看到的那一刻一样。您感觉自己被吸引到另一个人身边,却不知道为什么。 你可以不牛逼停止微笑,当你看到他们; 当您与他们在一起并想一直与他们在一起时。您有不同的感觉,以前从未发生过?好了,正如您已经猜到的,这是你们两个之间的化学反应。 尽管人与人之间的化学反应并不总是视觉上的事物,但一些迹象表明您可能与某人有化学反应。如果您想更多地了解两个人之间化学的明显迹象,那么您来对地方了。 人与人之间的化学是什么?...

How to make friends with someone without hurting them [5 ways to prove]

How to make friends with someone without hurting them [5 ways to prove]

As the saying goes, love comes from mystery. One of the biggest ironies of love is that someone loves you so much, but you don’t feel anything for him. This is a mystery. What to do in this situation? The best option is to become friends with the person, and not to hurt the person in the process. Moments of friends has become one of the most common words in the current generation. This is not only a way to get rid of someone you don’t love, but also useful in situations where you want to keep that person as a friend without pushing him away from you. Therefore, you must know how to bring someone into your circle of friends. Traps someone into the Friendzone...

How to overcome a person [5 unbeatable tips]

How to overcome a person [5 unbeatable tips]

As the saying goes, "love ^ h urts," well, this is indeed only. Even if things are perfect in a relationship, the thought of losing a loved one is tragic. Living a cruel life and thinking about things that might have been different can make you miserable. Love has its ups and downs, but the worst case is breaking up with a boyfriend. In other words, your boyfriend says he feels different about you. These things can happen in love, so you are left there to overcome a guy who thinks you can spend the rest of your life. Nevertheless, life continues and you will find a way to overcome a person early. How to overcome a man...

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